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Paying for College – where the rubber meets the road

    Do You Want To Know More About These Topics? I will cover them all in our one hour together!

  • Identifying out-of-pocket costs
  • Taking the final decision on which college to select
  • College payment plans
  • Available types of tax credits and deductions
  • Potential 'Tax Scholarships'
  • How to be eligible for a $2,500 tax credit
  • Your family's sources of money for college
  • Using savings correctly and how to pay from 529 plans
  • Maintaining tax advantages (Coordination Rules)
  • Using your income to pay as much as possible
  • Use of the different types of education loans
  • Planning for all four years
  • Long Term Planning
    • Minimize affect on retirement
    • Strategy for the last college year
    • Recovery phase

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