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Select a College You Can Afford – the single most important session

    Do You Want To Know More About These Topics? I will cover them all in our one hour together!

  • Common mistakes made preparing the college list
  • Using aptitude testing to identify a career and major
  • How High School and Independent Guidance Counselors can help
  • The importance of SAT and ACT preparation
  • How to prepare a College list
  • Applying a 'Financial Filter' to ensure a good 'Fit' financially
  • How to prepare your own financial analysis of colleges
  • PROFILE schools
  • 'No Loan' schools
  • Using graduation rates to correctly estimate the total cost
  • Early Action/Early Decision
  • Admissions Strategies that result in better offers
  • Student Positioning: Selling yourself to the list
  • What's next?

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